Chinese Antique Rug N29

Traditional chinese style medallion with stylized flowe There fruits design. The peach(Amygdalus persica)- khambu(kham-bu) - in China is an emblem of marriage and a symbol of immortality as well as of longevity. The god of longevity is often pictured as issuing from a peach. The pomegranate(punica granata) - Sendu(bse-'bru) - symbolizes the hope for mumerous(male)offspring. The inedible, fragrant citron (Citrus medica) - lumpang(slum-pang) - consisting primarily of rind formed into projections resembling a grasping hand, is known as Buddha's hand(Fo Shou) to the Chinese. It is considered as symbol of happinese as it resembles a classic posture of Buddha's hand with the index and little finger pointed upward.) as well as butterfly on the each side. Cotton warp and wool weft, asymmetrical woollen knots.All vegetable dyed. Tere are two repairs in the middle.

Origin: Baotou-Suiyuan Shape: Rectangle
Age: Late 19th Century
Size: 66x136cm(2'2"x4'6")
Material: 100% Wool Woven: Hand-knotted
Background Color: Reds
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