Many of the fine antique carpets found by our partners in Tibet and inner Mongolia require small repairs and conservation to correct many years of wear by the prior owners. These carpets have frequently used for daily life in small villages throughout rural China. At Zingeworld, we take pride in doing the finest quality repairs and conservation using only hand-spun, naturally dyed wool. Our conservation weavers are highly skilled at using the classic and different weaving techniques of Tibet and inner Mongolia to refurbish these artistic masterpieces which our customers have come to value and enjoy so much. This conservation process is extremely important and increases the value, beauty and strength of our carpets. We always strive to keep our repairs and conservation to the absolute minimum necessary to restore the carpets to their original appearance.
In order to set the highest quality standards, Zingeworld has opened its own repair and conservation shop a few kilometers north of Beijing. At this shop we have hired an outstanding staff of women from China¡¯s many rural and impoverished locations. Some come from Tibet, others are from inner Mongolia and the rest are from the southern and central parts of China. Most of these women bring a great deal of weaving experience and knowledge with them when they are hired. A few of our weaving staff are learning from the master weavers and will spend at least three years learning the various aspects of weaving, repair and conservation. One common thread that binds our conservation staff together is that Zingeworld, through you, has helped to give them a much higher standard of living than would have been possible had they remained in their home provinces. Thanks to your continued purchases of our fine antique carpets, our staff is better paid, better fed and housed in a clean, comfortable and very safe location. They learn and practice a highly valued, and quickly disappearing, skill that, even in today¡¯s modern world, is of great artistic and cultural value.
Here are some pictures of our happy conservation weavers for your appreciation. Many of these photos show rugs being repaired, most of which will at sometime be offered through our online auctions at Ebay and via our website. You can see for yourself the minimal amount of repair and conservation that most of these carpets actually require. In several photos, our partner, Louise, shows an American client the repair process and discusses Zingeworld¡¯s efforts to protect the integrity and value of each carpet.
We at Zingeworld, from our partners to our conservation weavers, are trying to find the best quality, rarest, and most unique far-Asian carpets for your, our greatly appreciated worldwide customers, purchases and ever-growing collections. We spend much of our time searching the far corners of our beautiful China for these fine carpets that provide so much enjoyment and satisfaction to our customers. We greatly appreciate your continued patronage and hope that with your help we can continue to conserve this unique and beautiful art form while at the same time improving the lives of so many unseen people.

Thank you,